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Willoughby Consulting Group, Inc.
Email: info@WilloughbyConsulting.com
Phone: 301-529-2756
Fax: 240-246-7791


Gina is the epitome of professionalism. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Gina in an organizational development consulting capacity. She had made a significant difference in the work world of clients that she serves. To that end, I strongly recommend the consulting services of WCG, Inc.
Kim B.
WCG Government Client


Willoughby Consulting is the best consulting firm we have ever worked with! We work in an extremely fast paced organization, with constant change. Gina was able to work with our changes day to day and not miss a beat! This made the group's learning that much more relevant. She was able to teach and facilitate real time, giving our team the skills they needed to survive in today's environment!
Stacey D.,
WCG Corporate Client


Gina Willoughby is the consummate facilitator who has the patience, insight, and experience to assist any group. Gina brought a very diverse group of individuals, who were reluctant to do another offsite, and guided them to decide on office values and norms. Dave G., WCG Governent Client

Gina has been fantastic to work with- she is innovative, engaging, and professional. She knows how to facilitate and teach a group in a fun and informative way.
Yvette Coles, WCG Client

Need a dynamic, innovative and energetic facilitator? Look no further than WCG! Gina can help breathe new life into an intact workgroup or expertly bring synergy to a diverse new team to bring your vision to reality. Our Customer Service Office has earned a reputation of excellence in great part to WCG. Thanks, Gina
Terri Randall, WCG Client

Willoughby Consulting Group is one of the best companies I have ever worked with. Gina is extremely professional and challenges her clients to take a strategic approach to training and organizational development. She shares deep wisdom from her life and work experiences, makes difficult conversations/issues easy to address, and provides concrete steps so the client walks away with a quality end product. I would highly recommend Willoughby Consulting Group for any training, organizational development or facilitation needs.
WCG Client.

Gina Willoughby has been instrumental in my career growth. Without her one-on-one coaching and unofficial mentoring I would have never achieved my career goal. Gina's training materials were always relevant and suited for the training taken, her training classes were exciting and I had fun while learning! Gina nurtured me and brought out my better assets which helped me. She showed me what was actually hurting my career and am now approachable, and I can perform my job more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, I can always call her for advice and mentoring and she will not charge me, she in one of the better facilitators has ever had.
Deborah J, WCG Client.


Willoughby Consulting Group, Inc., facilitated our retreat in a non-biased manner and allowed our team to focus on our vision and goals. Gina works with teams where they are and takes the team to excel to success.
Kia B., WCG Client